Last year our chosen charity was “Finches” and the club raised £3000 with an additional £500 donated by an anonymous member.

The club wishes to thank everyone who took part in various events that were put on to raise money for this worthy cause.



The two chosen charities we have selected to support this year will be Kangaroos and SERV Sussex.

At Kangaroos they run a range of different clubs and activities for children, young adults and families. They also organise trips out to many exciting and fun venues. They do not let their members disabilities hold them back, and help them in a safe and supporting way to take part in the kind of activities that we all take for granted. They currently support children and young adults for age 6 upwards with a wide range of learning difficulties and special needs including autism, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, challenging behaviour and complex medical conditions. Activities are requested, approved and paid for in advance to ensure that we have the right staffing in place.

SERV (Sussex Blood Runners) is a UK registered charity (charity number 284455) that provides night time transportation of blood, blood product and other urgent medical items for NHS Hospitals across sussex. The service is provided free of charge to the NHS between the hours of 7pm and 6am, 365 days of the year via a committed team of volunteer riders and drivers often using their own vehicles. The service is run primarily utilising the volunteer’s own vehicle, however, SERV also has a fleet of marked bikes and cars that are funded by charitable trusts. Without SERV local hospitals would have to use ambulances or pay taxis to transport these urgently needed items. By providing a free transport service, SERV enables hospitals to focus their resources on patient care and eliminate costly transport bills.